WordPress Development

By far, WordPress is the most loved Open Source system of content management which is employed by almost 75 million plus websites.
It is a free of cost system. A number of templates as well as plugins power a very simple and flexible user interface that help in reducing the costs of development and also the time for deployment.

The 3 major components of the system include plugins, themes and core

Core code comprises of all default functionalities which make up WordPress CMS. This comprises of everything including the admin backend to the functions such as password strength, scheduling posts, letting the development of users, etc. While core is mainly responsible for backend of the website and its operations, theme is meant for front end and the appearance of the website. WordPress is used for creating pages, posts and content. But exactly how the pages and posts are displayed to the visitors depends on the theme. This will give you a good amount of power over the website. You can also install the pre-built themes and do it on your own. 

One of the simplest ways of describing plugins is that these plugins offer additional functionalities to the WordPress. For making this happen, plugins help in modifying the back end or front end of the website. Plugins which add Tweet button in Twitter is a very good example of this. It would develop a new page of setting in the back end where you may set up the default options for the tweet of the users. It would even add itself to front end of the website, displaying under the post.

Domain of Development

Regarding development of WordPress, you may choose to develop any of those 3 major components along with the standalone applications with the latest REST API, and more.
Irrespective of what you are looking to do with WordPress, its recommended to follow a fixed path. Below is the list which would help you in familiarising yourself with a system that you should know before understanding more about the domain of choice:

1.    Theme

2.    Plugin

3.    REST API

4.    Core


Understanding how a theme works and how it’s developed would help you in creating a website and create single page websites, content dominated dynamic websites, etc. It would even help you in getting better and more work from the clients or go into theme sales business.

There are a lot of successful themes in the market such as Mojo Marketplace, Themeforest, etc.
While not all the theme developers are successful, and it might not be so simple to become a multi millionaire just over night by building these themes, you can make a decent living by doing the things right. 
In case you wish to see some wonderful examples of the themes, just look at marketplace. A lot of first time developers even release their works in the directory.


Plugin in a way is the lifeline of WordPress. It transforms it into anything from forum to the social network, Ecommerce platforms, etc. with just pushing a button. Plugins offer complete control over the aspects of WordPress system, letting you modify anything that you want. This could be of good help for making WordPress white labelled for the clients adding a little function that’s always needed making the system your own. 

The plugin marketplace even exists and is usually owned by the same company which also runs the theme marketplace. CodeCanyon is considered to be the biggest with 4000 plus plugins available for sale. The sales often tend to be low as compared to the themes, but when you find that right niche it could be quite profitable.
WordPress even has free Plugin Directory consisting of 40000 plus plugins. It is a wonderful source of inspiration, tools, and the examples of a wonderful coding system.


With the help of REST, API would come later in the career once you master the plugin and themes development even though theoretically you might be able to employ it when you are aware of some other language such as Ruby or Java. 

REST API is new and lets you develop true applications on the basis of WordPress. This also includes Android and iPhone applications and different kinds of crazy things such as television applications when you know any other language of programming.

A very good way of explaining this feature is by comparing it to something like Instagram or Twitter.  You would have seen your friend’s feed on Twitter. For adding this particular feature on your website, you don’t have to know about the core coding works of Twitter. You just need to know little bit of coding. Twitter manages the actual retrieval, spitting the data back to 5 tweets you would ask for. You may then use CSS and HTML for displaying the data.


WordPress is created by a group of volunteers across the world. In all 471 people were involved in the development of WordPress 4.4 and many people worked on the other aspects of this system from mobile applications and translations to support and accessibility.

In fact, you may also be involved in it. While you will need little bit of an experience for contributing codes to core of WordPress, you may start by identifying the bugs, verifying as well as submitting the ideas anytime with the help of WordPress Trac, place to follow along with development of the core coding.

In case you have found any bug that you may attach the coding which gets rid of it. 
In case you have discovered any bug that you could actually attach the coding which might help you in getting rid of it. After a good amount of reviewing and vetting, the code would be employed in case everything properly checks out. This is one of the best ways of getting involved for contribution to the core development.

Designing and development of WordPress website

Everything you want for creating a wonderful and appealing web presence. At Weblogixinfotech, we provide complete website designing and development solutions which include branding, SEO and a focus on the conversions of the visitors. While we employ technology as well as coding, we focus on the journey of the customer and user experience. The web designing project begins at the results page of the search engine and then migrates through the content and the call to action. We want to assist you to create a complete digital transformation which is focussed on the customers, their experience and the way this journey offers you revenue and return on investment to you and the business.

From a very basic brochure website to advance Ecommerce solution with integrated membership website or forum, we can easily develop an ultimate solution for fulfilling your objectives and goals of marketing. In case you have got something unique that you would like to develop, we would produce custom solutions which would include custom posts, APIs, taxonomies, plugins designed as well as coded particularly for the requirements of your projects.

All the customised website designing and development projects work on a structured process which helps us in executing the project on a timely basis and well within the budget. Each and every project is supervised by a project manager who coordinates the project team which includes a graphic designer, an SEO expert, a content manager, front end and back end coding team. 

We very strongly believe in reaping the benefits of SEO, and thus we ensure that SEO is the integral part of the project. From selection of keyword to competitive research, to on page optimisation and site mapping, we would help in creating a website which attracts the search engines and also encourage the users for converting into sales, revenue and leads.