Mobile app development resembles a lot to web application development and it also owes its origin to the more traditional and basic software development. One major difference however is that the mobile apps are many a times written particularly to take the advantage of exclusive features that a specific mobile device provides. 

For example, a gaming application could be written for taking the advantage of the accelerometer of iPhone. 

One way of making sure that the app shows apt performance on the given device is by developing the app natively on that particular device. This signifies that at the low level itself, the code will be specifically written for the processor in the particular device. When the app has to be run on different operating systems there is very less if any code which may be reused from initial development. The app should mainly be rewritten for every particular device. 

In future, it is normal that the majority of the versatile application advancement endeavors would center around building up the program based applications which are gadget skeptic. 

Browser based apps are just websites which are built mainly for the mobile browsers. These sites are developed for loading quickly on the cell phones and to have finger friendly navigation also. 

Benefits of employing a mobile app development service for the business

1.    Achieving customer loyalty

With development of the portable applications identified with some specific business, the proprietors of business get the chance of building up an immediate and moment association with the client base.
The business owners may introduce the online coupons, offers and discounts that are displayed readily in the application. This helps to boost the customer sales and for developing the sense of loyalty towards the brand. 

2.    Reinforcing the brand value

The key for the success of an efficient marketing campaign is mainly to capture the attention of the customer. Development of mobile applications may help in sustaining the brand image with long lasting effect which is quite beneficial in order to retain the customers. 

3.    Increasing the visibility of the brand

Cell phones and the other such devices are among the most heavily employed devices in our day to day lives. This poses a wonderful opportunity for the marketers to employ these devices as the instrument for expanding their image. By taking the advantage of frequent uses of the mobile devices, the mobile applications help in keeping the image of the company fresh in the minds of the users.

4.    Expanding the customer base

The mobile apps can help a lot when a company acquires the new users. As most of the apps are mainly available for all the mobile platforms, it increases scope for marketing indirectly. The products help in gaining wider exposure as number of the potent customers rise exponentially. 

5.    Reaching the customers while on the go

The mobile apps are a very good way of sending notifications, ad messages and the promotional rewards to the customers while they are on the move. The mobile devices are considered to be amongst the most heavily employed accessories in the modern day human life and the mobile apps employ this as a benefit for yielding better rate of success than email marketing. An efficient mobile application development service would customise the applications for encompassing all the particular requirements. 

Significance of the mobile app development to the users

Developing the mobile applications for businesses not just helps the business owners but even the customers. It’s also very important in order to maintain customer satisfaction. 

Ease of buying

The mobile apps are favoured by the customers more than the respective websites due to its portability and the ease of access. The customers often do not wish to use the business website because of a number of reasons. By downloading the mobile application, the customers get an access to the whole catalogue easily. All the critical info related to shipping, pricing and other such important details are clearly displayed. The whole procedure of making final payments also gets streamlined as well as integrated with the application. 

Get notifications

The mobile applications are a very good way for the business owner to send out the notifications to the current customer base. Different events such as product launch, rewards and discounted sales may be sent in the form of notifications to a customer that is important in order to maintain number of the customers.

One touch access

The mobile applications help in making life very easy for the consumers as the process of purchasing is very simple as well as hassle free. It relays all the relevant product and business information to the customers efficiently and quickly thereby saving time.


In the services industry, a need to organise the apps and appointment schedule is very important. Previously, the extra personnel were used for handling the incoming appointments and for organising them. All these are now managed by single mobile application whereby the customers may directly make the appointment. The application notifies service provider right away. It also helps in decreasing the chances of errors since all the tasks are managed automatically. 

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