What is AdWords or PPC? 

The basics of PPC or Pay Per Click marketing
Whether you have heard less about the Pay Per Click marketing strategy and if you are very curious for learning more. Or if you know it already and wish to use PPC for marketing your business but if you are not sure where to begin, then you are at the right place. This is the very first lesson in this domain. There are mainly set of 3 guided courses which would teach you all the things you want to know about AdWords and the way of making it work for your benefit. 

What is Pay Per Click?

PPC i.e. Pay Per Click, is a model of online marketing wherein the advertisers pay a particular fee every time any of their advertisements is clicked upon. Essentially, it is the way of purchasing visits towards your website, rather than trying to earn the visits organically.
Search engine’s marketing is considered to be a very popular form of PPC. It lets the advertisers to place a bid for the placement of advertisement in the sponsored links of the search engines when someone is searching on the keywords related to the business offerings. For instance, if you bid on a keyword, “PPC software”, the advertisement may show up in the top slot on the results page of Google. 


Each time the advertisement is clicked, sending the visitor to the website, then the search engine will have to be paid a small fee. When Pay Per Click works correctly, this fee is very small as the visit would be totally worth it. 

A lot of things go into constructing a winning PPC campaign right from researching and choosing the right keywords, to planning those keywords into well organised campaigns and advertisement groups, to setting up the PPC landing page which are optimised for conversion. The search engine rewards the advertisers who may develop relevant, carefully targeted PPC campaigns by taking less money from them for the advertisement clicks. In case the landing pages and the ads are useful as well as satisfying to the users, Google would charge you a minimal amount per click, leading to higher profit for the business. So, if you wish to start using Pay Per Click campaign for your business, it is very important to know how it can be done. 

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is single most famous PPC ad system in this world. The AdWords platforms help in enabling the businesses create ads which appear on the search engine of Google and the other such properties of Google. 

AdWords operates mainly on the PPC model wherein the users bid on the keywords and also pay for every click on the advertisements. Each time any search is begun, Google digs in to the huge pool of AdWords advertisers and also chooses a set of the winners for appearing in valuable advertisement space on the search result pages. The winners are then chosen on the basis of a combination of different factors like relevance of the keywords, the quality of the keywords, the ad campaigns and the size of the keyword bids. 

Speaking more specifically, whoever appears on the pages is based mainly on the rank of the advertiser which is a metric assessed by calculating 2 main factors CPC bid and Quality Score. This system helps the winning advertisers to approach their potential customers at cost which fits into their budget well. It is essentially a type of auction. 

Conducting Pay Per Click marketing with the help of AdWords is specifically valuable as most popular search engine. Google gets a huge amount of traffic and thus delivers most of the clicks and impressions to the ads. How often your Pay Per Click ad appears mainly does depends on the keywords and the match type you choose. While various factors state how successful your ad campaign would be, you may achieve many things by focussing on:

. Keywords relevance - creating relevant PPC keywords list, tight keywords group and proper advertisement text

· Quality of landing pages - developing optimised landing page with relevant, persuasive content and absolutely clear call to action, customised as per particular search enquiries.

· Quality score- this score is the rating of quality of Google and the relevance of the landing pages, keywords and PPC campaigns. The advertisers who have better quality score get more advertisement clicks at low costs. 

PPC keywords research
Keyword research for Pay Per Click could be quite time consuming. But, it’s also quite important. The whole Pay Per Click campaign is constructed around the keywords and most successful AdWords advertisers constantly grow as well as refine the PPC keywords list. In case you just do keywords research once, while you develop your very first campaign, you’re probably missing on a lot of long tail, valuable, low cost and extremely relevant keywords which could be the driving force for your website. 

An efficient PPC keywords list needs to be:

1.  Relevant- you would definitely not want to pay for web traffic which does not have anything to do with your line of business. You would like to find the targeted keywords which would lead to higher click through rate of PPC, efficient cost per every click and rising profits. This means that the keyword you bid on need to be closely related to offerings that you sell. 

2. Exhaustive- the keywords research needs to include not just the popular and the frequently searched term in your domain but even the long tails of search. The long tail keyword is much more specific and not so common. But, they do add up for accounting a lot of search driven web traffic. Additionally, they are not so competitive and thus cheap. 

Managing the PPC campaign

Once you have developed your new campaign, you will have to manage them on a regular basis for making sure that they continue being efficient. In fact, the regular accounting activity is considered to be a very effective predictor of the success of the account. You need to be analysing the performance of the account continuously and making the below mentioned adjustments for optimising the campaign:

·   Add the PPC keywords - expand your approach of PPC campaign mainly by adding the keywords which are relevant to the business

·    Add the negative keywords - add the non-converting terms as the negative keywords for improving the relevancy of the campaign and to reduce the wasted spends

·    Split ad groups- improve the click through rate and the quality score mainly by splitting your advertisement groups into small, more relevant advertisement groups that help you in creating the targeted advertisement text as well as the landing page

·  Review the costly Pay Per Click keywords- review the expensive and underperforming keyword and then shift them if required

·   Refine the landing pages- modify content as well as call to action of the landing pages for aligning with the individual search queries for boosting the rate of conversion

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