ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning has turned into a broad area of programming advancement associations. The coordinated devices help in improving and computerizing the business administration assuming control over the consistent tasks.
The system that we are talking about comprehensively summarises the 6 years of experience of developing software for retail sector. It was primarily conceived as a solution which could be customised according to the processes of the business of companies which adopted it.

Why is ERP software crucial for the business?

ERP software integration helps in improving the productivity, increasing the efficiency, decreasing the costs and streamlining the processes. That is why it is quite crucial for every business entity.

·    Efficiency

Eliminating the repetitive process, ERP helps in reducing the requirements for entering the information manually. This helps the system in streamlining the business process making it very easy as well as efficient for the companies to collect information.

·    Integrated information

There is absolutely no need of distributing the data across different database. You will also have to look for information located in one single location. This way, the data remains consistent and updated.

·    Reporting

Reporting becomes very easy and customisable with the help of ERP software. With enhanced capabilities of reporting it becomes very easy for the team to respond to the most intricate detail requests. The users may execute their reports on their own. They don’t need the help of IT team.

·    Customer service

While using the ERP system, you would get good quality customer service. It is very easy for sales and the customer services people for interacting with the customers thereby improving relationship with them through faster access to the information as well as the history of the customers.

·    Security

With the new system, it is possible to get a much better accuracy, data security and consistency. This way, you may be able to improve the data restriction too.

·    Reduced cost of operations

Reduced costs of operations is amongst one of the immediate benefits of incorporating ERP like low costs of inventory control, low costs of production and low costs of marketing. 

Software development

The companies developing an in house ERP software conduct an in depth study of cost benefit before initiating process of development of the software. The companies whose processes are different are very well suited for undertaking the in house development of the ERP software.

One of the biggest advantages of this software is that it helps the business in retaining its complete ownership rights of source coding and knowledge gained. With the help of the in house team, the companies would have flexibility in personalising the software. 

One of the biggest requirements of developing in house ERP software is that a company needs to possess a core team that is experienced for executing the ERP projects. The core development team needs to have a long term requirement of the software before planning this software. 

The development team should have a good understanding of the processes of business of the company and it should also be proficient in developing the software system on the basis of the latest technology.

Custom ERP applications

1.    Sales management solutions

Managing the sales team is very easy. You just need to implement target driven and robust ERP system which is developed by experienced and skilled developers.

2.    Production management solutions

We at Weblogixinfotech offer a strong and scalable product management development solution. We help the clients with seamless product development, quality assurance and we also help the clients in getting rid of manual errors in the process of product management.

3.    Supply Chain management

It is very important to manage supply chain for each and every business and regarding that streamlining the technological assistance from the ERP based application is very important. Mainly by implementing the ERP solutions, you will be able to make the process of chain management errors free.

4.    Customer relations management

The customers are most important for any business since business helps in generating its revenue. We help the customers in developing seamless ERP platform for endowing much better experience of customer services.

5.    Management of human capital

The human resources are very important as its one of the most vital assets of a business. It is needed by all the business units. ERP solutions that we provide comprise of human-capital management that allows management of the workforce with precision.

6.    Financial management

One of the most significant aspects of the ERP app development is for streamlining the whole process of managing the finances. It’s very important for planning the business objectives, the achievements and the latest product and service launches.

7.    Service management solutions

The service management solutions are quite helpful. They help in tracking and managing the performance of the services and maintenance organisation efficiently. We would help you create a fully connected service company, driving values throughout your enterprise.

8.    Project management solution

We provide wonderful deployed process management which is helpful for building resourceful solutions. Best of the techniques are integrated for allowing ideal project management solution throughout different propositions of ERP.

So just give an opportunity to serve your business with our well integrated and powerful ERP solutions.