A VPS or virtual private server is developed through the procedure of virtualisation through which the virtual replica of the physical server is developed. VPS is just like getting an access to your personal server with allocated amount of resources and the choice of pre-installed operating system. It’s an isolated micro-system which is based on the shared server. As VPS is self-sustainable, you get complete control of the server setup and you are also responsible for the security as well as updates. You may even choose the managed services.

Why do you require VPS server

In case you are aware of the fact that your website will be enjoying a good amount of traffic, the VPS server is a very safe option as compared to the hosting option. VPS makes a wonderful option when you have different websites to be hosted and wish to enjoy an ability of tweaking their setup behind the scene.
The VPS server works very hard when needed with a memory which steps in when the website traffic starts picking up. You may even reap all the benefits of the dedicated bandwidth, disk space, CPU and RAM. The VPS server removes all the limitations allowing you flexibility. 
We at Weblogixinfotech offer complete technical support to the businesses when needed.

VPS hosting is basically the mid-point between a dedicated server and shared hosting. VPS is developed on the shared server but it is totally self-contained with its entire configuration. 

How to make the VPS server secure

All the data gets stored on RAID10 San and the backup would be stored from primary data storage, thereby adding peace of mind. It’s suggested that you configure iptables on the VPS servers and keeping the patches updated for keeping the systems sage and secure.

Technical specs

Assured resources

The KVM based hypervisor helps in ensuring consistent high quality performance and resources of server which could be scaled with the expansion of the business.

Safe and secure environment

The hypervisor based virtualisation also brings better isolation as well as security in the VPS environment.

Cutting Edge Server Hardware

An integral part of the server is the disk read and disk writes and that’s why we have constructed our server with a Solid State Drive.

Top of Line Network

Our network has been designed with a number of reputable ISPs for making sure that the businesses get high stability, eradicate the single point failure with integrated DDoS protection and that too without any additional cost.

Features of VPS

The fully managed solution under Linux operating system and Windows operating system with root access is one of the basic features of VPS hosting server. It will give you the fastest connectivity by being a carrier neutral. 

Hardware will not be a problem for you anymore

Even when you opt for the single machine package, with the VPS in Cloud plan, your Virtual Server would be shifted to the other machine immediately just in case if there will be some technical failure in the hardware. Thus your VPS server would never go down and therefore your business would keep running smoothly without any hiccup.

Scale up instantly

Irrespective of how fast your company is growing and how quickly the demand on your VPS cloud solution is increasing, with the help of our managed hosting solutions on VPS you will be able to scale up the order instantly and also adds the virtual private server for coping up with all your needs within a couple of minutes.

Ready to go

Choose a VPS plan which very well suits your requirements in the best possible manner and also fits the budget aptly. When you will sign up the Cloud4C, you will get a welcome mail with login detail within a couple of minutes and your server would be up in less than thirty minutes.

You get complete control

With the help of the virtualisation platform that we offer you will be able to do a lot more than simply start or stop the virtual server on the internet. You may perform upgrades as well as repairs within just a single window or employ 1 of the 15 control panels for an easy management of your website and server.

Why should you choose our VPS hosting

Full root access

·    The virtual server comes with a full-root access that allows the administrator an access over the hosting environment along with ability of installing custom software.

·    Additionally, the Server management panel we have will give you complete control of your server with actions like Stop, Rebuild, Start, etc.

Well integrated cPanel

·    The VPS package would come with pre-installed cPanel that would help you in managing the hosting environment deftly.

·    With our auto installer within cPanel, you may install Joomla, WordPress, Magento, etc. within a couple of minutes.