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Website Design

Our Web Design Process

Your Website is the most powerful online tool used to represent and promote your business. A well designed website happens to be the key component of your marketing strategy.Today, customers are aware and vigilant. Most of them would check your website for your completed projects, client base, testimonials etc on your website before deciding whether to use your products or services on not.The design and layout of your website is crucial as it instantly catches the attention of the customers and helps bring them on-board with just a glance of the website.The design of your website is very important as it is your first opportunity to catch their interest. If your website looks too cluttered or is cumbersome to use, you sure will b at loss. You are communicating with potential customers by the means of your website therefore, make sure it is designed properly by experienced web designers.

A well-designed and updated website definitely helps to generate better customer traffic and a powerful user interface would surely help generate new business prospects at an exponential rate.

Amongst many other services that we provide, Website Designing is a fundamental one.We can give a makeover to your old website or design an entirely new one for you. While designing a website, there are several factors and elements that need due consideration. Website Designing is an extensive process that includes the following:

  • The basic layout of your website
  • Content placement including the Hypertext and Hypermedia
  • Finalizing on the graphics like: images, sounds, videos etc to make the website more interactive

These elements are delivered in a visual formal to the end-user via the World Wide Web by means of various web browsers or internet-enabled softwares.The key purpose of web designing is to make a website that contains dynamic as well as static electronic files residing on the server. Web designing is a full-fledged process that focuses on well-planned content, attractive layout, aesthetics, interactive features etc to create a web interface that gives your business a cutting edge over the competitors.

We, at Weblogixinfotech, make it a point to incorporate creativity, innovation and user-friendliness in our website designs to help our clients reach out to a wider audience and clientage.You can expect cent percent satisfaction from us, as we aim to provide:

  • Customized and innovative website Designs
  • Quality content
  • Excellent customer service
5. Designing

First of all, a mock-up of your homepage shall be designed complete with all the graphics, features etc. We shall take the nature of your business, your preferences and the target audience in due consideration. Thereafter, the other key pages of your website are designed, keeping in mind that the appearance and feel of all the web pages is consistent. For responsive web designs, we shall even share with you the mock-up of the mobile formats.

Over the years, the websites that have been designed by us for our clients have been applauded and appreciated as they have been instrumental in growing our clients’ business and helping them reach greater heights and success rates.

We incorporate the following elements to make sure that your website reaches out to maximum audience possible:

Easy Navigation

Our websites are designed keeping in mind the ease of users to comprehend and sail through the website.

Brand Consistency

The use of your company’s logo, brand theme colors, brand messaging and imagery is kept consistent on the website, as is on other offline means of marketing that you use. This is vital for your customers to be able to identify your brand in all forms of communication.

Content Management System (CMS)

We select the correct applications for you to ensure that your website is visible on all search engines and is able to provide a user friendly management

Responsive design

This is a prime google requirement and is a standard feature of all the websites designed at Weblogixinfotech. Therefore, the websites we design are mobile friendly and you do not lose out on business opportunities due to device compatibility issues.

SEO Optimised

The very foundation of website designed by us is built keeping SEO in mind as the sites which are not SEO optimized are at a huge disadvantage.We incorporate the correct SEO strategies and right kind of structures in your website to help you gain higher visibility

Better Web speed

A website’s speed is a lot dependent on the web design.Faster websites are always preferred by users and help you generate more revenue and higher ranking across the search engines.

Technical advantage

We create websites using a combination of advanced technical Languages like – HTML, PHP, Java, .Net, CSS, open source

Basically, we design websites that have all the elements required to keep your customers hooked and make them return to your site and create more business with your company.