Facebook Promotion

Facebook Promotion

Facebook promotion is a very good way of converting your FB fans into real buyers.

Are you aware of the fact that approximately 78% of the purchases consumers make are influenced by the social media of the brand? Facebook is considered to be the best place for capitalising on all such instincts.

Whether it is the referral coupon or the contest, the below mentioned tips would help you in making the most of the FB promotions.

  • 1. Include the sharing buttonsthe sharing buttons could help in spreading the word of the promotions not just on FB but even on the other social media networks like Google Plus and Twitter. The best thing is that the visitors would also share the promotions on your behalf.
  • 2. Include the picture of the prizein the banner image of the promotions- seeing the picture of the deal is a very good way of incentivising FB fans for claiming the promotions as it helps in making the promotions more tangible.
Use 3rd party app for creating the promotions-

using the 3rd party app for running the contest helps in eliminating a lot of issues related to running the promotion. Also, they have certain special features like the “Like button Popups” and they are optimised already for mobile devices.

Monitor the Facebook promotions analytics on a regular basis-

3rd party promotion app generally has analytics where you may view the performance of your promotion. It is very important to keep a track of ROI of the promotion as it needs to be done with any of the online campaigns. More the number of promotions that you run, more you would know about the performance of your promotions.

Send emails about your promotions -

This is a very good way of making people participate in the promotions as the customers and the blog readers are quite interested in the product. You would get a lot of entrants in case you execute a mail correctly to the current clients.

Use Facebook advertisements for enhancing the promotions-

The online campaign which has advertisement budgets attract a lot more entrants. In case it is your first try at running the Facebook advertisements, then there is absolutely no need of being overwhelmed. Facebook has a number of options for the advertisers belonging to all types of skills levels.

Customise the FB sharing messages-

In case you are employing a 3rd party application they would have steps where you might want to customise the posts of the new entrants while they share their entries to the promotions. More clear you will be with what promotion is, more likely it is to attract the Facebook friends of the entrant for clicking on the link.

Post the promotion on Thursday or a Friday-

While referring to the FB insights generally the number of people who are present online do not differ drastically on a day to day basis. So you may go by the standard recommendations of Thursday or Friday for posting your important promotions.

Select a relevant offer-

Take time thinking about the offer which your customers would definitely not like to miss. Also, do not create offers which are irrelevant to the particular part of the year like giving away inflatable boat during winters.

Select a relevant offer-

Viral sharing helps promotions to attract the visitors which the other contests don’t permit.

Develop a plan about how you would expand the reach of the promotion-

Will you be doing all this online or offline? There are a number of ways in which you may promote Facebook campaigns from before the promotion begins till after the promotion ends.

Develop a hashtag particularly for the promotions-

You need to ensure that hashtag you specifically dedicate to the promotion is exclusive for your business, and also that it is not excessively long. Try keeping it within 15 characters.

Post about the promotions on FB page at least once in every few days-

In case you are running FB ads for the promotion, then you may post once in every couple of days.

Contrast colours of the promotion with FB blue-

In case you refer to the colouring wheel you will see that both blues are directly through the oranges. You need to stick to the colours which are directly across each other on the colours wheel for max contrast.

Do not use the chunky paragraphs-

You need to ensure that people can easily scan any deal that you are trying to promote. Try to use only two sentences per each paragraph. Big paragraphs may scare the potential user from claiming the deal.

Once the promotion is done, export the data of your entrants to your mail or CRM service-

This action is very easy through the 3rd party apps. It just takes a couple of clicks for getting the email address of the entrant wherever you need it.

Keep the copy of your promotion short -

People might not read the copy which is lengthy. When they should know more information about the promotions, you may ask them to click through the deal.

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