Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Domain registration is an act to reserve a name on the web for a particular period of time which is generally one year. It's very important to understand that a domain remains yours till the time you renew it. There's no way of purchasing a domain name for good.

Registration of domain name is important for the website, a mail or some other web service. However there is no need to register new name every time. A lot of companies let you use the subdomains of the domain names for the website or you may also have a mail with the primary domain.

One of the most important things regarding the registration of domain name is that it offers you recognition as well as personality identity. Once the domain name has been registered, the information regarding the owner is available publically.

The price that you pay for the registration of domain name varies drastically on the extension of the domain name.

Benefits of owning a domain

These are some of the benefits of owning a domain name:

1. Let's the visitors and the customers find you quickly and easily

The domain name offers a user friendly, clean and a convenient option for accessing your website. A very simple and descriptive website is very easy to be kept in mind and also looks great on the business card.

2. Get a better visibility as well as exposure on the search engines

Register keywords rich domain and get instant boost to all your SEP efforts from get go.

3. Setup customised email addresses is much more impressive approach to your email communication. It’s also an incredibly difficult task to find an efficient address with the help of a free of cost email providers.

4. Safeguard your ideas, identity and your business

Prevent other people from squatting or hijacking your identity online. Secure it even when you are planning to construct your website later.

5. Make calculated investment

Not able to find the right keywords? Try to create random and unique ideas with the help of creative domains such as,, etc.

Things you should consider before choosing the best domain name

Below are some important things that you should consider before choosing a good domain name for your business:

Niche and the keywords

You should think about niche of the blog or website carefully before purchasing a domain name. You need to keep in mind that in the long run, it’s the online identity, your property and your brand.

Although it can be easily changed, while you would become a well-established brand or a company, it could be quite difficult. When you would want to change it, you’ll have to develop the whole empire again right from the scratch.

Thus, finding that perfect niche and the domain name on the basis of that is quite confusing and might put you in confusion as to what should you choose and what you should not. It is not that difficult but then your skills will be tested here.

There're 2 main types of domain.

  • 1.Generic or independent
  • 2.Keyword based or focussed

Keyword based domain is focussed on a specific niche or a subject that you may choose. In case you have chosen the niche for your website as sports, then domain name will be based around that particular topic.

Deviating from the topic could make you lose your recurring visitors in future for a good extent. Thus, you need to choose your domain name as or

Independent or generic domain

Independent or generic domain names aren’t preferable as rookie. As your business will have its own name, it continues easily with its name or the brand name. But, for others, it could be quite risky when you would not work on your content and the overall strategy needed for the growth of your website. It could cause deviation from main topic that you have chosen and the ratings of the website also turn out to be extremely poor.

The main advantage of these domain names is that they let you change type of content if not work or switch to the other one. But, you will have to choose the keywords based domain names until and unless you aren’t sure of your plan.

Domain name extension

Domain Name Extension or the suffix plays a very important role for choosing that perfect domain name. Since average people look most likely for websites which have the ".com" extension, you should prefer buying a domain name which ends with ".com".

If you are looking for a particular domain, then just go for other TLD extension. Even though the other cheaper solutions and the ccTLD extension are available, only some of them are worth it.

In case your website or the blog falls under a specific niche, then you may choose other options such as .club, .fashion, .shop, etc. Actually it is just a gamble when you are planning a long term career on the internet and you would lose the potential customers.

Unique but easily remembered

The unique and the easy to be remembered domain name has a lot more potential for growing. The people usually do not remember regular things or the names in particular. Being unique and different has a lot of advantages over the regular keyword domain as the brain works towards it automatically.

In case you’re planning for a blog regarding blogging or a tech blog, then you should avoid same keywords in the domain name. You should rather go with a unique domain. Since so many well established blogs are employing the similar keywords in their domain name, you would not survive the race probably.

Apart from this, the domain should also be easy to be remembered. In case you are successful in making it short, then it would be quite helpful for you. Another thing which you should follow is that domain should be very simple. Excess words or slang could look very funny and interesting but it does not help the business in projecting to be professional.

Avoid numbers and special characters

Experts always suggest keeping domain name to be concise and simple. Using the special characters such as dash, hyphen or "@" sign, and numbers until and unless extremely important, it's a bad practice while also registering the domain. You should not take this risk.

Trademarks and copyright

You should try not to use the copyright words or the trademarks of others in the domain. You should not even make it a part of the domain for your business. Exploiting a copyright could lead to legal fight and you might even have to take a notice from the legal authorities.

Why hire us

We will help you understand the technicalities of registering a domain name. We would not just help you to register an easy and unique domain name but we would also make sure that it is based on the right keywords. We work for a number of clients but still we make sure that no two domain names are the same. We work really hard for devising an exclusive and easy to remember domain name.